Every great idea has the potential to connect with a great audience.

Hi, I'm Josh Chang. I tailor communication plans to your brand, product, service, and story.


"Hey Siri, show me my life goals list."

Teamed up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to drop Siri in mass culture across 18 markets with 200+ pieces of content. Smashed weekly benchmarks in every market by growing iOS users and increasing the number of Siri requests performed.


The biggest risk on the pitch is not taking one at all.

Cemented Nike's position as the #1 global soccer brand before, during, and after the 2014 World Cup through a three-chapter campaign with real-time content, never-been-done-before innovations, and the Nike Football app. Became the #1 (Winner Stays) and #2 (The Last Game) most viewed ad campaigns on YouTube in 2014.


You're Welcome. #KobeSystem

How do you launch the first basketball shoe with interchangable cushioning inserts? By establishing it as a system of success for the successful. Included a 7 day takeover on ESPN and Twitter with new challenges and ridiculous content from Kobe every day.


Real girls stand taller without heels.

Localized Nike Women's global #betterforit platform for Russian athletes by subverting cultural conventions. Took over Moscow with larger-than-life murals, guerilla postings featuring every day athletes, a Vogue partnership, 25,000 women training together in Gorky Park, and inspirational films and social content heroing five Russian athletes.


"The thing that bothers me about Facebook is all the dumb news."

Facebook's first cross-media marketing campaign on and off platform in Germany successfully addressed concerns about control, triviality, unwanted content, and privacy settings. We asked 800 Germans what they thought of Facebook and turned their self-shot criticisms into communications paired with simple features or tools that helped better the person's experience.


Making the most out of communications planning

There are three challenges that we're up against every day:
The competition for attention.
The complexity of media habits.
The enigma with data.

Communications planning helps navigate these challenges, understand what moves audiences, and show how products, ideas, and stories can stand out.

Input into briefs

Bring in sharper audience insights, objectives, and client deliverables from the start

Better creative craft

Actively participate in creative development: it's not about doing a few things well but doing everything well

Connect all the dots

Just as Hollywood has show-runners and football has offensive coordinators, you need a point person who can orchestrate campaign architectures, brand journeys, and tighter creative presentations

Friendly liaison

Be the creative and collaborative bridge with clients, media agencies, digital agencies, and media partners

Mine for creative opportunities

Bring in new innovations, media platforms, trends, and perspectives that serve your idea

Train everyone to comms plan

Knowing how ideas can spread makes us all better no matter what our job titles are

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I'm a communications strategist at your service. With 10+ years of experience, I've worked on award-winning campaigns for the most recognizable brands in the world. I've lived in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and now reside with my wife, son, and pup in Portland, Oregon. Go Rip City.

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